Friday, November 27, 2015

Life sentence for Boston’s grandmother killer James Clark,former client of MAD DOG

James Clark looks up at defense attorney Brad Bailey in Middlesex Superior Court in Woburn, Mass., Wednesday, Dec. 22, 2010, where he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for killing his elderly grandmother, Eleanor Clark, in March 2009. A Massachusetts judge has sentenced the British citizen to life in prison. (AP Photo/Ken
Life sentence for Boston’s grandmother killer                      
A Massachusetts judge has sentenced James Clark, a British citizen, to life in prison after he pleaded guilty to stabbing his 80-year-old grandmother to death in the affluent Boston surbub of Weston. Clark, of Boston, pleaded guilty Wednesday to second-degree murder as well as two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on a person over the age of 60. Clark has a documented history of mental illness and his grandmother, Eleanor Clark, was his caretaker and closest friend. Prosecutors say Clark entered his grandmother’s home in March 2009, an argument ensued and he hit her with a blunt object and then fatally stabbed her with a knife. Clark will be eligible for parole after 15 years. The British national has spent most of his life in the U.S.


  1. Indian Doctor Steals $9 Million from U.S. Taxpayers: Gets 1 Year in Jail

    Dr Punyamurtula Kishore - in healthcare, the criminals hide in plain sight
    “This case exhibited blatant theft of state funds that were supposed to go toward care for some of our most vulnerable residents. This is fraud that undermines the integrity of our health care system.”
    (State Attorney General Maura Healey)

    In the town of Brookline Massachusetts yet another Indian physician has been found guilty of defrauding Medicaid of millions of taxpayer funds, according to State Attorney General Maura Healey this morning.

    How well do you know YOUR doctor?
    Doctor Punyamurtula Kishore, age 64, whose ongoing scam business Preventive Medicine Associates provided an excellent cover for a monstrous kickback scheme, changed his “not guilty” plea to “guilty” yesterday in Suffolk Superior Court. He admitted to 19 counts of false Medicaid Claims; 8 counts of Medicaid Kickbacks and 11 other counts of grand theft.
    Attorney General Healey said, “this doctor orchestrated a complex kickback scheme to funnel a lucrative drug screening business to his laboratories and then billed taxpayers millions of dollars for those services.”
    As a result, Superior Court Judge Janet Sanders sentenced Kishore to 360 days in the jail and a 10-year suspended sentence. Kishore, age 63, was ordered to surrender his medical license and repay $9,300,000 in restitution.
    Lab coat lunatic Kishore had owned and operated Preventive Medicine Associates, which managed about 30 laboratories in Massachusetts, including physician office labs. The prosecution was able to prove that Kishore used bribery to induce operators of alcohol and drug housing to refer their residents’ urine screening business to his laboratories for testing. Residents were typically screened three times per week.
    By law, $100-$200 urine drug tests may legally be billed to MassHealth by a doctor if they are medically necessary. Kishore illegally obtained tens of thousands of drug screens paid for by MassHealth residents who were never qualified patients.
    State regulations require that the services must be medically necessary and the provider must be physically present and actively involved in the treatment.
    Here’s another look:

    Our Observations:
    This particular Third World Assassin graduated from Andhra Medical College in India in 1974. He immigrated to the U.S. and learned from his colleagues that the American medical system is rife with opportunities for massive theft. Had he been even slightly less greedy, it is likely he never would have been caught.

    After his time in jail, do you wonder if this brazen public enemy will be deported?

    Absolutely not. the United States does not deport foreign-born criminal doctors. We reward them.

  2. Punyamurtula Kishore MD aka Mad Dog Millionaire has been suspended effective immediately from several Boston and greater Boston Hospitals for sexual misconduct with male patients, check MA registry of Med. for order. On July 31, 2012 Mad Dog admitted himself to Mcleans Hospital in Belmont , MA for sex addiction and erectile dysfunction. (his penis is hard all the time) Upon discharge from Mcleans MAD DOG will be referred and admitted to a 45 day residential inpatient treatment program. Upon discharge from residential progrm , MAD DOG will be ordered by the court and his pretrial probation officer to attend Sex and Love Addictions Anonymous , 1 on 1 counseling, psychotherapy groups and complete compliance with medication treatment plan. He must also register as a Level 1 sex offender.

  3. Punyamurtula Kishore MD aka MAD DOG MILLIONAIRE is a liar and a fraud. There has never been a National Library of Addictions or a Amerixcan College of Addiction Medicine in Massachusetts or anywhere in the United States, except on paper.

    The mysterious National Library of Addictions Of all the libraries in all the world, which is the most addictive — and the most mysterious? Perhaps it’s The National Library of Addictions. This addictive entity is located in Brookline, Massachusetts. Founded by Punyamurtula S. Kishore, M.D., M.P.H., it is said to be “an intellectual gathering place for health care professionals and community members.” The institution is little known to the library-loving public, and information about it is scarce. Many questions present themselves. What addictions are kept in the library’s collection, and which of them are available for use by the public? Which of these addictions can be taken out on loan? Is there a children ’s room, or is the library open only to adults? Bibliophiles note with pleasure that the library appears to own at least one book.

    Punyamurtula Kishore MD aka MAD DOG Millionaire, How did MAD DOG Millionaire become a Millionaire? CORRUPTION , LYING , CHEATING , and STEALING from Mass Health , Medicare , Medicaid and private insurance companies . Exploiting his emoloyees and patients. Billing insurance companies without examining or seeing the patients.

    30 years of CORRUPTION , LIES, CHEATING AND STEALING is Punyamurtula Kishore MD aka Mad Dog Millionaire’s trademark . He was involved in Corruption when he was the Medical Director at the Massachusetts Dept. of Correction , Martha Eliot Health Ctr , Roxbury Comprehensive Health Ctr. and his own Medical Practice , Preventive Medicine Associates.formerly Addiction Medicine Associates. He used two entities he created on paper that never existed called the National library of Addictions and the American College of Addiction to advocate his emergence in the field of addiction medicine. This unscrupulous MD used and exploited his patients and employees for financial wealth. The only thing that MAD DOG MILLIONAIRE aka Punyamurtula Kishore cared about was making money at the expense of Human misery

  4. MAD DOG aka Punyamurtula Kishore MD was caught several years ago as he was preparing to flee the country.

    Dr. Punyamurtula Kishore had Preventative Medical Associates, a drug analysis center with offices throughout the state. He collected urine from others and did unnecessary drug tests. He was caught several years ago as he was preparing to flee the country. He is sentenced to 11 months in jail and ordered to repay $9.3 million to the state. He also lost his license. His attorney said that the good doctor "dedicated his life's work to treating, assisting and serving those who have suffered from addiction. He has taken responsibility for the billing errors at his clinics. He hopes that his accomplishments in treating those suffering from addiction will not be overshadowed by this." Lots of luck.

  5. MAD DOG a.k.a Punymurtula Kishore MD and Lil Dog a.k.a. Carl Smith L.M.H.C. New Horizon House, are responsible for the death of Eleanor Clark of Weston , Massachusetts.
    Just look at what happen to James Clark .
    James Clark was a client at the same address where the Director/Manager Carl Smith resided at ,New Horizon House , 50 Draper Street in Dorchester MA. Carl Smith is suppose to be a state licensed Mental Health Clinician , If so , than why did he discharge James Clark ? James clark never tested postive for a toxicology screen for illegal or prescription drugs, than why was he discharged ?
    He was discharged for behavioral and attitude problems that were related to his psychiatric and substance abuse diagnosis. Carl Smith L.M.H.C. should have been able to detect that this man had psychological problems and referred him for treatment to MAD DOG aka Punyamurtula Kishore s Neurological Clinic for treatment and to help James Clark get back on his psychiatric medication. Instead , Carl Smith discharged him and the same day , James Clark murdered his 81 year old grandmother Eleanor Clark in Weston Massachusetts .
    Punyamurtula Kishore MD aka MAD DOG Millionaire referred James Clark to Carl Smith s Program New Horizon House after James Clark was Discharged from St. Elizabeths Hospital s S.E.C.A.P. s Detoxification unit. Punyamurtula Kishore aka MAD DOG had a Contract with Carl Smith to provide New Horizon clients with Medical and Mental health Treatment. No treatment was provided except for toxicology screens . Carl Smith collected his program fee and MAD DOG billed his insurance company. What a shame !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!