Wednesday, November 4, 2015


MAD DOG aka PUNYAMURTULA KISHORE MD 2020 I was in a AA meeting once and the speaker mentioned Dr Kishore, and the entire room erupted into laughter. I saw him back in the late 90s and he was a quack then. He was FAR from free. He had been fined years ago because when you sat in his waiting room (an hour was considered quick) he'd bill the insurance co's for that time. Then once you saw him he'd tell you what a great guy he was for working with addicts. Ive been clean for over 10 years now and those professionals who really helped me were ones that didnt need to continiously pat themselves on the back. Addicts are a nightmare to work with, and I commend all those that put up with it all to help those in need. But theres no way you're ever going to convince me Kishore was one of those people

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